Roy Rezac
Experienced Software Development Executive

Marjie has a passion for and has lived the Agile lifestyle on many successful projects. She has strong insight into the people dimension — interactions, improving communications, personal commitment, etc. — and builds the Agile techniques from this focus. She expects and holds people to high standards, and teams and people have changed and performed under her coaching. A natural born mentor, Marjie freely shares her insights and learning for the betterment of others. She is an Agilest at heart, and a company looking to adopt the Agile approach would be fortunate to have her coach the transition.

Jerry Weinberg
Author, Teacher, Consultant

Marjie is a a passionate problem solver, able to see past the stated problem and help others see the surrounding issues that have led to the problems. Her excellent facilitation skills assist individuals and teams at all levels in the organization to identify the probable causes of problems.

Marjie is at her best when she flows between coaching and teaching. Her style embraces humor and confidence, encouraging people to feel confident and comfortable as they discover immediately usable new techniques and tricks.

Marjie is completely committed to the success of others, truly cares about their learning experience, and is a life long learner herself constantly seeking new knowledge.

Tracey Bower
UMass Medical School
Center for Healthcare Financing
Project Manager

Marjorie Carmen has worked for UMass Medical School, Center for Health Care Financing since April 2011 as the Project Manager for the 5010 HIPAA implementation for coordination of benefits claims. When she started in April, the team had already identified over 800 claim scenarios to be tested and tracked by a limited number of staff. Marjie quickly developed a testing strategy based on the team size, team members time allocation and testing deadlines to be able to meet the aggressive timelines set forth for implementation. Her style of leadership transformed a newly developed team to a cohesive team that increased its production in testing and reviewing cases. Marjie provided great leadership and positive reinforcement which enabled the team to continuous move forward despite the many obstacles in our way. She developed statistical data on the teams’ progress which was reported to Executive staff. Marjie has passed on many of her management tools to the team and we are grateful for her devotion to this project.

Virginia L McGoldrick
Assistant Manager, TPL Claims Coordination at UMass Medical School

Marjie excels at putting together a cohesive, effective team. Her emphasis has been on team building not only through assessment of each team member’s skill set but also her concentration on raising team morale during the many challenges and changing priorities of the project we worked on. Marjie realizes that anxiety and stress are high during the planning of any new endeavor, but also recognizes the need to assure team members and others that support will be equally available once the project is completed and the new system implemented.

Paul Prescott
Strategic Leadership | Technical Program and Project Management | PMO

Marjie is one of the most driven, intelligent people I have worked with. She thinks outside the box, looking for new approaches to resolving challenges. She has a supportive managerial style which always fosters collaboration and professional growth. Her high energy and positive approach benefits any company lucky enough to retain her services.

Mary Ellen Riley
Project Manager – Client Services at PlumChoice

Marjie is an extremely effective in her dealings with both internal personnel and external clients. She is very supportive of her team and they in turn are very loyal to her. Marjie also has exceptional listening and reasoning skills. I worked most recently with Marjie on a client software delivery project. We worked together to create QA and Testing deliverables and she was always available and willing to prioritize the schedules of those reporting to her in order to meet client specific deadlines. I believe you will find Marjie to be an asset to your team.

Gerrit Schipper
President & CEO RDC Group, Netherlands

Marjie started and managed the SQA team at PHS a wholly owned subsidiary of Philips Electronics and managed the team until the organization was dissoved in 1997. Additionally she recruited, trained and managed the staff and also trained customer service; implemented the SQA process; provided technical support when c/s was unable to answer difficult questions, provide onsite software implementation and managed the ISO9001 initiative which included becoming ISO9001 auditor certified. Unfortunately the organization was dissolved in the middle of our pursuit but we were well on our way.

Marjie showed leadership and demonstrated an ability to learn new technology with little to no assistance. She took the organization from a team that had no process to one that had a mature and disciplined SDLC process.

Chad Girouard
Sr. QA Analyst at FIS

Marjie is an excellent leader, with a huge focus on continuous personal and professional growth. Marjie empowers her employees to use their skills to their potential, encourages team building and increasing your effectiveness anywhere possible. She’s always approachable, positive and motivating to those around her.

Jason Guglielmi
Senior Automation Test Engineer and CSM at Sotera Defense Solutions Inc

Marjie was a fantastic instructor that drove the main points of Agile home. Her teachings helped fit the needs of the class and addressed real world scenarios and issues that projects face in both the public and private sectors. Her instruction was invaluable and her approach left no questions to the minds of skeptics.” – Jaison Guglielmi, Washington D.C. August 30-31st, 2013.

Venezia Appleby
Assistant Director of Quality

I highly recommend Marjie for your career coaching/counseling/recruiting needs. She is efficient and flexible; able to balance an effective pace by communicating important details at the right time. She quickly assesses your needs by asking strategic questions, quick to understand what you do, your industry your role and career goals, develops a plan, proposes it and see if it fits for your way of working. Although I am not a software professional, I am learning what Agile/SCRUM is and how I can apply it to many aspects of my life including any project I work on. We are using this methodology in my career search project. Together we have built a product backlog, prioritized it and set goals for each “sprint”. Our work together is measurable and progress is easy to track.

Marjie is considerate of my learning style and will adapt in order to find a method that works best for you. Marjie also is quite competent in the usage of social media and professional networking sites. She will help you maximize your potential by teaching you how to best utilize sites such as Linkedin to their full potential and other sites to tap into the hidden job market. If you are not certain what direction you want to take your career, she can facilitate a conversation that results in achieving clarity so you know where to start. This helps focus your efforts instead of simply applying for jobs that you might be qualified for vs. having specific goals, focus and a plan. Being a hiring manager at many levels she is also helpful in role-playing with interview questions, letting you know what hiring managers look for and how to assist recruiters in understanding what it is you do. Her experience as a senior software executive and recruiter are invaluable if you are looking for a career coach.
October 8, 2013