Marjie Carmen is an enthusiastic and passionate problem solver. She has worked in numerous industries that create and deliver software for the healthcare, legal, retail, financial sectors among others creating and leading top performing Software Quality Assurance organizations as well as project teams. Additionally she has expertise in transforming teams and organizations by showing them how to work  in more efficient ways. Skilled in a number of software development methodologies, she knows how to assist an organization in learning what is working well and leading them through the changes necessary to help solve delivery challenges they may be facing. She is truly a solutions focused consultant.

She is a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner trained by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland respectively and has coached many teams and organizations to achieve great success using Agile tips/tricks. Additionally, Marjie has taught teams how to work  using Agile methods and has helped organizations in excess of 1800 people make the transition over to Agile. Her experience as a seasoned software executive as well as a well rounded project manager gives her the experience you need to bring the whole organization together to achieve common goals.

Marjie is committed to helping you achieve success with your projects, teams, and organization.

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